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Drums Engineer v4.3 (Paid) APK

Drums Engineer is an application for composing drum beats. You can save the compound rhythms as a midi file and use it for production with your digital audio workstation software.

There are two ways to create drum rhythms:

– manual – check the notes for each drum instrument
– automatic – press Compose and the algorithm creates a drum groove or drum fill.

Features of Drums Engineer:

– automatic composition of grooves and drum fills
– use up to 64 notes
– select the length of the note
– set the tempo by typing
– swing mode
– use up to 45 different drum instruments
– save the created beats as a midi file
– open the beats file
– change the signature of the counter
– change the volume of the instruments

When you open the app, there are three panes. On the left is the Instruments control panel. On the right is the beats pane and below the app control pane.

Instrument control panel:

For each instrument you own:
– instrument name – when clicked you can hear a sound sample
– ON / OFF switch – turns the instrument on / off
– check the box – use it to select / deselect the instrument. This is used when you press Compose or Left / Right Shift

Beats pane:

For each instrument, you have preset a number of notes. You can change the number of notes in the settings. If the box is checked, the sound is activated. If it is not checked, there is no sound.
By checking and unchecking the boxes, you create the beat of the instrument.

Application control pane:

– ON / OFF switch – turns all instruments on / off
– check the box – select / deselect all instruments
– Mode – select the drum groove or drum fill for the composer to create
– Composition button when pressed, a drum groove or fill is created for the selected instruments. If no instrument is selected, all instruments are used
– tempo – change the tempo in beats per minute
– play button – play / stop the drum beat


– New – create a new battery model
– Open – open the saved drum text file
– Save – saves the current drum beats as a midi and text file
– Save As – saves the current drum beats as a midi and text file with the specified name
– Clear all – clear all instruments
– Clear selection – clears only the selected instruments (with the box checked)
– Shift Left – shifts selected instruments one position to the left
– Shift Right – shifts the selected instrument one position to the right
– Auto Start / Stop mode – starts / stops the automatic mode where the drums are continuously played and recomposed
– Settings – open settings
– Help – open the app manual
– facebook page – open the facebook page of the application
– Exit – quit the application

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