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Drink Water Reminder – Water Tracker and Diet v2.07.0 Mod (Premium) APK

Drink Water – H2O Remind – If you care about staying hydrated all day, don’t move! With our app for drinking water, you will be on the right track! It helps with constipation, kidneys and weight loss!

Drink water – H2O remind – functions:

📱 Water Calculator – Custom calculates water consumption. The start of your H2O diet! Drink Water, Drink Water Benefits For Weight Loss And Healthy Skin! Drink water to lose weight! Lose Weight Drinking Water and Stay Fit!

🔔 Water Consumption Reminder – Prompt to drink water at desired intervals so you never get thirsty, lacking water and dehydration. Drinking Water is configurable. Sleep well and take care of your health!

💧 Water tracer – Note the water consumption of the day and the amount of water in one tap, follow the consumption of H2O and reach the hydration goal. Gain healthy skin!

📈 Statistics – The application stores your water consumption, water requirement and amount of water for the day, your goals and statistics. Improve your health and lose weight without dieting with this unique body detoxification method preventing diabetes and kidney stones.

🏆 Achievements – Keep fit with the Water Consumption app by tracking your avatar’s progress! Create your glass of water! Use the reminder to drink water regularly and achieve H2O milestones in a fun and easy way!

⚙️ Unit of measure to choose from – Imperial (fl oz) or metric (ml).

Dehydration is a lack of water in the body followed by a disruption of metabolic processes that can cause physical and mental deterioration, accelerate the formation of kidney stones and increase the risk of diabetes with our H2O reminder. Drink water, a glass of water, never get thirsty, lack of water with the water calculator. Help the body detox, drink more H2O at regular intervals during the day to speed up the metabolism and lose weight without dieting! Drink water, have a glass of water using our system of water need and speed up metabolism, weight loss. Drink Water – H2O Reminder helps you drink water for weight loss, water weight loss, weight loss, diet support, and help speed up metabolism.

Drinking water health benefits:

* Calculate the number of glasses of water
* Lose weight by drinking water, it is 0 calories
*Ensures healthy skin
* Helps in the prevention of kidney stones and diabetes
* Manages the amount of water, the need for water
*Detoxification of the body, drink water to lose weight
* Drink water, avoid dehydration
* Speed ​​up metabolism

Don’t be thirsty to drink water. If you are, your body is already dehydrated, have a drink of water, drink water. Never be thirsty. No more dehydration!

Use Drink Water – H2O reminder daily to note the amounts of water and observe weight loss, complete detoxification of the body in the first month. Drink water – H2O and stay hydrated. Satisfied with the health gains from our reminder of the need for water? Tell us how you like our app for drinking water. Drinking water benefits!


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