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Disk & Storage Analyzer PRO v4.1.7.24 (Paid) APK

Description of the application

Disk & Storage Analyzer displays information about internal / external storage, SD cards and USB devices in simple and clear graphical form.

Why should my device remain unknown? What’s inside? How is the data arranged and linked? I don’t want to see my device only as a set of data, I want to know its insides.


Directories and files are represented as a circular pie chart and sorted by size.
The central sector is a circle representing the current directory. The others represent subdirectories and files. A click on a sector goes to the lower level, the application draws it with the previously selected sector as a header.

“Device Storage Analyzer” displays the mount points in the form of a pie chart with the available and occupied space, as well as the distribution of files by category (documents, images, videos, music, etc.), as well as their extensions (for example the distribution of Music in subcategories like mp3, Wma, ogg, etc.).
Storage data is taken from the mount points in the /etc/vold.fstab file.

– The content of the ext device indexed at runtime. A full scan can be performed in one second. The files found are displayed on the “Quick search” page after entering a search.
A global 10 largest files mode is available.
The user-friendly interface allows you to quickly switch between modes and pages. Like Google Play, “My Device Storage Analyzer” uses a pager.
A contextual action mode is now available for selected sectors (only for Android API 3.0 and above). It is very easy to select files and act on them.

Here are the pages available in the application:

• CATEGORIES OF FILES All the files of internal and external storage, SD card or USB device are presented in a structured way:
– by category (documents, videos, music, and.)
– by size (huge, large, medium, etc.)
• The My Storages page displays the statistical summary for the available storages.
• The circular pie chart display is an intuitive and efficient way to display device data. With a single click, you can explore the internal world of data.
•”Top 10″ mode shows you where free space has gone
• The “Quick search” mode shows the result of a search or the content of a chosen category
Clicking on a file opens a context menu allowing you to open it, delete it or display its properties
A long click on a category or extension will place the relevant files on the “Quick Search” page

The app contains a clearly designed widget. It allows you to control the disk space from the start screen and displays the free and occupied space of the internal storage. Its size can be changed if your version of Android allows it.

# This app is OPTIMIZED for smartphones (2.3.6) and tablets (3.0 and above).
# This app is still in development which may lead to an unexpected crash.
Please send a REPORT rather than a bad grade.


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