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Device Info HW+ v5.10.0 (Paid) Apk

Device Info HW is a hardware and software information application for Android devices.

The application tries to detect the components of your smartphone to provide complete information about the hardware of the device.
Now detection is supported for lcd touch screen cameras nfc audio flash memory sensors wi-fi and battery charger; if possible for your device.

I think the application is interesting and useful for users and developers who build kernels or Android.

The app has a new quick navigation design. Also supports dark black theme (in PRO version or 2 weeks in free)
You can switch by tab or use the navigation panel. Many elements are clickable and you can access another tab or menu.

On recent devices, the reading of certain information is blocked.
The app tries to provide as much information as possible. If you have a root app, you can read more (change in settings)


LCD – model. For recent Android detection, you need root.
You can also check the colors in the LCD test.

Touch screen – show the model, you can also check how many fingers are supported in the multi-touch test.

Camera – hardware information (model vendor resolution) and software information by API.
If you cannot detect the camera model, a list of supported cameras is sometimes available.

Detailed information about your device’s SoC
CPU: abi governor frequency model core cluster family
GPU: template provider opengl extensions frequency list
Click clock speed to open CPU monitor

System: Full information about your firmware version.

Memory: lpddr type and for some devices operating frequency.
Flash: emmc or ufs (scsi) chip and provider.
You can go to the memory tab and see the memory and storage usage.

Battery: basic information and for some devices additional information available:
– The discharge speed is the current consumption
– Charging speed is charging current minus current consumption
– Power profile – encoded by the manufacturer to calculate consumption
* Core Profile
* Model

Thermal: temperatures by thermal sensors

Sensors: availability of basic sensors and testing for them

Apps: you can quickly find apps and see information about them also provided system apps

Drivers: You may find other chips used in your device.

Partitions: list of partitions and their sizes.

PMIC: List of power regulation voltages that apply to components.

Wi-Fi: connection information

Bluetooth: Supported Features

Input Devices: list of input devices.

Codecs: decoders and encoders drm info

USB: devices connected by otg

Additional options:
– Show the i2c address of the chip
– Open engineering menu for mtk and xiaomi
– List of CPU codenames for Qualcomm mtk HiSilicon

Device database

You can find information about other devices, compare and verify similar drivers. It is available on the web page: deviceinfohw.ru
You can also download your device information. See at the information center.


• Theme

Support all dark and light black themes, choose what you like.
In the black free version available 2 weeks for testing.

• Report

You can create a report containing device information.
It will be saved in a file in HTML or PDF format.
You can open it or email it via the share button.
See example:

• Copy text

Copy text by long pressing in information lists.

• New battery tab design with charge/discharge chart

• List of devices

List of i2c spi devices.
It is useful when there are many tokens or they are not classified.

This also supports development to improve the application.

To note:
Not all devices can read driver information, it depends on the soc provider. If you want help, upload your device information.

If you want to translate an application for your language or if you have interesting ideas or found bugs, write to me by e-mail or on the forum.

Terms :
– Android 4.0.3 and above

– INTERNET is required to download device information. It is useful


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