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Designer Pro v1.1.1 (Paid) Apk

Designer Pro v1.1.1 (Paid) Apk





Are you looking for a program to write on pictures with great fonts? – Have you seen one of your friends have written on his picture and want it? Do you want to write on pictures Write your name or the name of your love the way it is simple and you do not need any experience add stickers and text on your photos. Apply your name Edit pictures Write in different fonts and wonderful will save you with ease. – You will find in the application to write images on fonts very many features you can write your name and the name of your lover on a beautiful picture

Features of the application to write images on wonderful lines: –

1 – write images on the lines of wonderful where the application of the collection of images on a wide range of Arabic fonts and different English fonts and you can change the text color and change the background text or make the text without a background.

2 – Add posters to the images where the application of writing images on a wide variety of posters that you can choose from them that fit your pictures.

3 – the ability to add your images as posters on the pictures.

4. The Image Writing application gives you the ability to add a notification bar to your photos.

5. Photo Writing also provides you with a range of add-ons that make your photos very beautiful and beautiful.

6 – The application of writing images on a set of beautiful and wonderful frames that you can choose from them as appropriate to your pictures.

7 – Compiling a group of images The application allows you to write the images can collect a group of images in one image in the form that is preferred where the application contains a collection of beautiful and wonderful shapes.

Best user interface design

You can add more than one word and more than one face with the application.
You can share the image without any modification. It saves the image in a square format and when you share it you do not need to cut or edit it.
After you’ve finished editing your photos save them with very high quality in your device or share them with your friends.

Share the application with your friends and value to add a new number of fonts and new faces


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