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Deep Relax-Sleep & Meditation v1.0.11 (Vip Mod) APK

Deep Relax is a free download guided meditation and sleep app. Guided meditation will bring peace, health and vitality to your body and mind. The Scientific Sleep Ceremony will improve your sleep, allowing you to fall asleep quickly and enjoy better sleep.

The rich story content, accompanied by a soft and comfortable voice, will calm your mood and relieve the pressure. Soft and soothing music relaxes you and improves your focus in your life and work.

We help you focus and relax, reducing anxiety and daily stress. The right way to breathe and relax, calm sleep and soothing decompression music and sound will let you enjoy a healthy life.

The abundant features and course topics give you a better choice, like meditation classes to relieve anxiety, music that makes you feel relaxed, or a sleep ritual. Our thematic courses include:

Improve sleep
Improve concentration
Relieve anxiety
Release the pressure
Correct diet
Pain management
Mindfulness at work

From waking up body and mind each morning to peaceful and calm sleep at night, Deep Relax will refresh you every day.

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