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Dcoder, Compiler IDE :Code & Programming on mobile v4.0.197 (Pro) APK

Dcoder is an IDE and mobile coding platform (Compiler for mobile), where you can run your projects, code and learn algorithms while programming on mobile. Build and deploy your projects directly from mobile and integrate with Git (Gtihub, bitbucker) and sync with vs code, use code builds for easy coding. Now code anytime, anywhere, and on the go.

Choose from frames such as:

1. React js
2.angular js
3. Django
4. Bottle
5. Flutter
6. Git support (Github or bitbucket)
7. Rubies on rails

.. and many others …

Or choose from languages ​​like:

1. C: Learn C programming, a powerful multipurpose language.
2. C ++: GCC 6.3 compiler
3. Java: best idea of ​​Java programming, JDK 8
4. Python: learn Python 2.7 and Python 3.
5.C #: Mono 4 compiler
6.Php: Php Interpreter 7.0
7. Objectif-C: GCC compiler
8. Ruby: Ruby version 1.9
9. Lua: Lua Interpreter 5.2
10. JS / NodeJS: Node.js 6.5 engine
11. Go: Go Lang 1.6
12. VB.Net
13. F #
14. Common Lisp
15. R
16. Scala
17. Perl
18. Pascal
19. Swift
20. Tcl
21, Prolog
22. Assembly
23. Haskell
24. Clojure
25. Kotlin
26. Groovy
27. Plan
28. Rust
29. Bf
30. Html
31. Css

Dcoder uses a rich text editor that supports syntax highlighting and has the necessary tools to give you all the benefits that an IDE or code compiler is supposed to offer.

It is the fastest code compiler (IDE), coding and programming app available for Android so far.

With Dcoder you can:

Write a program / code in one of the 50+ programming languages ​​and frameworks available.
Code and debug code, see compilation results and errors at the same time on the same screen.
Take advantage of the coding power and ease of your favorite code editor like Notepad ++ or Sublime Text with compilation power, making it equivalent to a powerful IDE like eclipse.
Test your problem-solving skills by solving challenges from the number of algorithm-based challenges available in the Challenges section.
Learn Html, Css, JavaScript, Ruby programming, C, Python and Java programming in the app as well as many other programming languages.
Regardless of your coding skills, whether beginner or expert, Dcoder helps you learn code and improve your skills during a boring conference or whenever you feel like it.

The main features include:

1. Rich text editor with syntax highlighting (code editor)
2. Line number, auto indent, auto-complete parenthesis.
3. Undo redo.
4. File Open / Save.
5. Custom suggestion view.
6. Support for multiple languages.
7. User input for languages ​​like C, C ++, Java, Php, JavaScript, Node.js and others.
8. Active debug view for faster access to the output.
9. Carefully designed algorithm problems to improve coding skills and prepare the programmer industry.
10. Leader Board: Find out where you fit in the large Dcoder community.
11. Custom menu drawer, custom code editor themes, editable font size for editor and much more !!


Disclaimer: Dcoder uses an array of powerful cloud-based compilers to compile the code and display the output, it’s the fastest and helped bring the app size up to ~ 8MB here. Also, instead of giving us a low rating, you can write to us about your issues at support@dcoder.tech which will allow us to better assist you.

Dcoder is an online compiler, now run, compile and run your snippets on your own Android mobile devices.

Start the journey to improve your skills.

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