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Data Usage Manager Monitor v4.5.2.682 (Pro) APK

Data Usage Manager and Monitor

Data Usage Manager & Monitor is a mobile app that tracks your data usage. This app lets you monitor device data limits, track Wi-Fi network activity, and see which apps are accessing your data. Avoid going over your limit with Data Usage Manager & Monitor, and never pay overage fees again!

Have you ever felt that apps on your mobile device are using data without your permission? Data Usage Manager & Monitor lets you find out which apps are stealing your bandwidth. Track which apps are wasting your precious data connection.

This app provides comprehensive data usage analytics: device data, roaming, historical data, internet connection speed, etc. Switch to your home screen for a small, unobtrusive widget that displays data usage and connection speed.

Data Usage Manager & Monitor provides a single source for simple data tracking and usage analysis. The app tracks how much network traffic your device uses, no matter what Wi-Fi or phone network you’re on. It’s the only data manager you’ll ever need.

Free Features:
– The app lets you specify flexible data plans and billing cycles that include custom start dates and monthly, weekly, daily, and prepaid durations. Add your data plan and avoid annoying overage charges.
– The home screen widget allows you to quickly check your current data usage without having to switch to the app.
– Find out which apps are using your data and detect which apps are stealing your bandwidth.
– Data Usage Manager & Monitor gives you mobile and Wi-Fi analytics for comprehensive device data usage. Includes roaming data.
– Data Usage Manager & Monitor is the only app that provides up to four months of historical data. Ideal for anyone trying to reduce data usage – an easy way to track your progress!
– Stay in control. Data Usage Manager & Monitor provides smart data notifications so you know when you reach your data quota.

Data Usage Manager & Monitor Pro unlocks these Pro features:

– See important stats at a glance with the status bar widget.
– Set a data quota for full protection against overage charges.
– Customize the appearance of the app further with the Pro version. Get a larger selection of custom background colors and [DB2] text colors.
– The Pro version conveniently locates the internet speed meter in the status bar.

Data Usage Manager & Monitor is your complete data usage monitor in one simple app. Track your data usage and avoid paying annoying overage charges to your mobile carrier. Do you ever switch from a WiFi connection to a telephone network? However you connect, you’ll have full visibility into your data and connection usage.

Data Usage Manager & Monitor works with all WiFi connections and virtually all mobile networks including Vodafone, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, Telefónica, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Airtel, América Móvil, Orange, Telenor , NTT Docomo, Mobile TeleSystems, MTN, TIM, etc.

Data Usage Manager & Monitor is constantly evolving and improving. Seeing any issues or bugs in the app? If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know. We appreciate your comments.

Want to see the app in your language? You can help us translate it at: https://datacounter.oneskyapp.com/collaboration/project?id=322221


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