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DartPro – Darts Scorer v3.1.1 (Paid) APK

Darts are the most beautiful game in the world – and at the same time the most difficult to master. A workout app should reflect this.
DartPro aims to help you along your journey by keeping you motivated, challenging and not cutting corners:

No buttons for a single entry of darts. The counting must be done on the board so that it becomes second nature that will win games for you.

Every leg you play is recorded and the grand average of all those games is visible at all times during the game, forcing you to do better than yesterday or last month.

Charts and statistics keep you informed of your progress over time and show you which aspect of your game needs special attention.

Legs and Averages per Month, Double Payout Percentage, First 9 Darts Average: Every aspect of your game will be monitored so you can clearly understand what your game is missing.

DartPro comes with 10 games proven to help you master all key aspects of the game.
Play the Double workout routines to improve your finishing touches, cricket to improve your shots, or the various 501 games to practice your core game.
If you are tired of playing alone, there are 501 local to play against friends, Ten to play against different computer levels or 501 against me to play against your own saved games.

Overall, Dartpro will make sure you keep training, helping you become a darts master.

Single 501 – with suggested finishes, graphics, statistics and achievements
n01 – choose your starting point, play 170 or Double In Double Out
501 against me – play against yourself with your saved games
Ten – play against different computer levels
ShootOut – work your endurance without those bad doubles
Single Cricket – get to know the most important numbers on the board
Round The World – classic game to help you practice your doubles
Bob’s 27 – an advanced doubles workout routine by Bob Anderson
Local 501 – play against your friends or family and let DartPro do the math
Finishing Calculator – check out preferred and pressurized finishes or find alternatives

If you have any constructive suggestions or criticisms, I totally agree. Do not use comments here but email me instead: leolesser@gmail.com

Let’s play darts!

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

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