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Correlate – Health Diary and Life Journal v1.20 (Paid) APK

A great symptom tracker app is an essential tool for anyone who wants to understand the causes of symptoms. Correlate is a smart app that allows you to track your symptoms, log your activities, and discover the correlations between bad or good habits and illness / intolerance. / allergies / moods: by keeping a daily diary (symptom diary) you will be able to diagnose any food intolerances, allergies or bad habits that are causing you problems. With this symptom tracker, you can easily analyze and track behaviors in order to detect the causes associated with these symptoms. The best symptom checker among health apps and habit tracker apps.

When can you use it?

Many people suffer from allergy symptoms, headaches, chronic pain, intolerances, mood disorders, symptoms of stress and feel ill without a diagnosed cause. How many times do you think, “” I need to find out the cause of my symptoms? “”. Using a habit tracker (also a symptom or activity tracker), you can track activities, symptoms, mood, habits, medications, and understand how they relate. You may find that your causes of chronic headache are celiac disease, lactose intolerance, an allergy to gluten, pollen, dust or other allergens, or heart disease. symptoms of stress (stress headaches). This is a food diary (diet diary), symptom checker, mood indicator, food diary, habit indicator, activities, pain diary and medication recorder. ”


– Calendar events planner: Track usual activities, record medical symptoms, record simple habits, check daily routines, moods and keep food diary in one place. Different calendars allow you to record any event with a simple calendar.
– Statistics: analyze the frequency of symptoms and perform a triage on yourself: do you often feel sick? Did you forget a pill? Is your training schedule on track? Are you developing good weekly or monthly habits? Are you eating enough natural foods? Everything is under control.

– Correlation Analysis: Find out if you are allergic to something and how you can change your habits to improve your health or pain management. Learn what makes you sick or give yourself problems and cut it out of your diet, routine, or habits.
– Export data: export your food diary / pain diary / diet diary / symptom diary, save or share.
– Develop healthy habits: when you follow your habits and find that they help you feel better, go for it! Improve your food management by reiterating healthy eating habits, understand your headache symptoms, and live a better life.


Correlate is just one of the store’s many medical applications. It is not a substitute for doctor visits and does not provide a professional diagnosis for your symptoms. However, Correler can help you and your doctor track your activities and better understand your symptoms.

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