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Construction Calculator A1 Pro v2.5.3 (Paid) APK

Construction Calculator A1 Pro Paid MOD APK can perform calculations using both imperial and metric measurement systems.
Construction Calculator A1 Pro Paid MOD APK also supports multiple themes to choose the color you want.
Also Construction Calculator A1 Pro Paid MOD APK is a paid Android application for construction calculations.

And We use simple tools in our app to simplify calculations in the construction industry. We help to calculate almost all types of area estimation calculation volume calculation unit converters and general calculators.
We have divided the app into sections like quantity calculator, area calculator, volume calculator, unit converter and general calculator.

This calculator is suitable for civil engineers, site supervisors, civil engineering students, mechanical engineers, construction project managers, construction shop managers, new engineers, construction contractors, construction contractors, warehouse managers, site executive engineers, estimating engineers, and more. Even a regular guy who needs to do basic home calculations needs this app. You can calculate lot size, so it’s also useful for real estate agents.
Construction Quantity Estimation App
Quantity calculation of building materials
Construction calculators are divided into the following four categories:-

Quantity calculator includes –
– Rebar calculator
– Steel weight calculator
– Concrete calculator (with volume without volume cylinder)
– Mining calculator
– Backfill calculator
– Brickwork calculator
– Tile calculator
– plaster calculator
– Tank capacity calculation (round and rectangular)
– Material density
-AC capacity calculator
-swimming pool
-Solar (electric)
-solar water heaters
– Plywood calculator
– Paver calculator
-Plum concrete
-rainwater collecting
– Waterproof material calculator
– shutter calculator
– Grout calculator
– other quantities etc.

Area calculator includes –
– Area measurement app
– Land area calculator
– Circle area calculator
– Rectangle area calculator
– Triangle area calculator
-Rhombus area calculator
-L lot area calculator
– Area calculator
– Right Angle Area Calculator
– Quadrilateral area calculator
– Departmental area calculator
– Pentagon area calculator
– Hexagon area calculator
– Octagon calculator
– Trapezoid area calculator
– other fields and more

Volume calculator includes –
– Sphere volume calculator
– Cube volume calculator
– Block volume calculator
– Bucket volume calculator
– Hemisphere volume calculator
– Cone volume calculator
– Cylinder volume calculator
– Trapezoid volume calculator
– Rectangular Prism Volume Calculator
– Dome volume calculator
– frustum volume calculator
– Hollow rectangle volume calculator
– Tube volume calculator
– Slope volume calculator
– Parallelepiped volume calculator
– Slicing cylinder volume
– Bucket volume calculator
– other volume calculators and more

Unit converters include –
– Fractions to decimals
– numbers to words

***Features only available in the pro version are-
– Steel weight calculator
– Steel Feet Calculator
– And Steel column calculator
– Steel beam calculator
– Steel Plate Calculator
– Concrete pipes
– Gutter concrete
– Shear wall concrete
– Construction cost
-AAC/CLC block
– Anti-termite
-Gypsum/POP gypsum

Features of this app –
– Simple and easy to use
– Added default standard values ​​for simplification
– Simple interface for everyone
– Can be used by non-technical personnel
– Provide accurate information
– Can share answers
– Fast calculation speed
– Includes almost all construction calculations
– Data can be reset if input is wrong
– Includes scientific calculator (Source: Num-Plus-Plus by DylanXie123)

We appreciate all your feedback. Your suggestions and comments will help us improve our app. If you have any suggestions for the application, please feel free to email us at constructioncalculatorallinone@gmail.com


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