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Cinexplore – Track TV Shows & Movies v2.1.3 (Mod) (Premium) APK

Note: Cinexplore is a TV guide, not a streaming app. You cannot watch movies or series with Cinexplore.

Cinexplore is a simple tool that helps you discover and follow movies, TV shows, and actors that match your preferences. Cinexplore is the app to help you organize all the movies and TV shows you love.

🔎 Discover movies, TV shows and actors

•Discover movies and TV series that match your tastes from thousands of items
• Search for movies and TV series based on various criteria (name, genre, rating, streaming network, release date, episode length, movie length, etc.) and sort the results as you see fit. wish
• Explore a large number of categories to find new movies, series and people: popular, upcoming, in theaters, trending, top rated; series broadcast today; series aired this week and more
•Explore popular movie and series genres
• Find shows available on popular streaming networks
• Lists of popular and trending movies and series created by the community

✅ Keep track of what you are watching

• Keep track of everything you watch – all in one place
•movies and series to your favorits
• Mark movies, series, seasons and episodes as watched and access your complete history
• Create a list of movies and series you want to watch
•See your progress for each series and each season
• Know where you left off and check out the next episode to watch
• Note the movies, series, seasons and episodes you have watched

👤 Personalization

• Get personalized movie and series recommendations based on what you’ve watched
• Choose what you want to display on your home screen and prioritize your preferred content types
•Add lists to your favorites
• Save your search queries and find them on your home screen
• Find stats, based on your favorite movies and TV shows, that highlight your preferences

📋 Detailed content

• Check out key information such as release dates, genres, recap, running time, companies and countries of production, website, original language and title, budget, and more.
•Find where to watch your movies and series
• Get details on all episodes and seasons of a series
• Find the platform on which your series is broadcast
•Read ratings and reviews
• Access a gallery of high resolution images
• Watch trailers and more videos
•Discover the actors and the film crew as well as their films and series
• Follow your favorite stars on social networks via the app
• Share content with your friends

📆 Calendar

• Find the release dates of your favorite movies and episodes

⏰ Notifications

• Get notified when new episodes and movies are available
• Control when to be notified

💾 Backup

• Synchronize your data with Trakt to save your lists, get personalized recommendations and find your data on all your devices
• Control when to sync

🖌️ Design

• Light and dark theme

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