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Chessis: Chess Analysis v7.2 (Pro) APK

ChessIs is a chess analysis application that allows you to
✔️ Analyze your games and get game reports
✔️ Analyze chess positions with Stockfish Engine
✔️ Detect blunders, missed mistakes, best moves, etc.
✔️ Play chess against the computer according to your level.
✔️ Configure board positions (board editor) and analyze them
✔️ Open PGN files (PGN Viewer)
✔️ Receive error alerts and find out why it was a mistake
✔️ Add multiple engine lines
✔️ Read engine lines
✔️ Customize board color and pieces
✔️Analyze your chess games from chess.com or Lichess
✔️ Export annotated Pgn
✔️ Adjust “game ratio depth”
✔️ Chess960
✔️ Games database with the ability to search fen in games
✔️ Add Oex motors
✔️ Modify engine parameters such as hash value and threads
✔️ List of all chess openings to explore
✔️ Play chess on the clock or set engine think time
✔️ Average CPL on game reports
✔️Analyze games in time or depth
✔️Show threats
✔️% Accuracy

ChessIs is one of the best chess analysis apps. It helps you improve your chess by analyzing your games and providing game reports with missed blunders, best moves, etc. It tells you not only where you goofed, but also why it was goofed.

To support the app, we offer a Pro version with some added benefits. The pro version is affordable and has a one-time payment option, so you don’t have to pay monthly or yearly, just pay once and get the pro version forever.
Most features of the app are free, but you get additional benefits with the Pro version:
✔️ Play/Show the line “Why the gaffe”
✔️ Read engine lines
✔️ Enable NNUE
✔️Add unlimited engine lines
✔️ Adjust “game ratio depth”
✔️ Adjust “game report time”
✔️ In-depth analysis
✔️ During playback, show the strength of each movement
✔️ During playback also get an error alert
✔️ No Ads
✔️ Analyze unlimited games forever!

Note: Deep Scan provides much more accurate and consistent results compared to Quick Scan.

So let’s analyze chess with the ChessIs app!!!

You can expect many improvements and new features in the future! If you have any suggestions or need any help, feel free to email me at chessimprovementapps@gmail.com Thanks 🙂


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