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Camera math calculator – Take photo to solve v5.3.8.130 (Pro) APK

The math calculator solves the math problem by taking a photo!

Math Calculator is a useful and advanced pro calculator with free basic calculator, equation solver and scientific calculator. This elegant calculator is also an equation solver and an excellent math homework solver which can solve math problems more efficiently by CAMERA.

Let’s see what’s in it:

Camera Math Camera: Good math homework assistant that solves math problems by taking a photo.
➡️ Advanced scientific calculator: multifunctional and scientific.
➡️ Equation calculator: effectively solve your math homework.

👍 Math camera – photo calculator

We creatively provide math solutions. While you are doing your math homework, try our calculator so that you can more easily solve math problems by taking photos and get homework answers fast. It’s a homework solver. The basic math problem and the equations are suitable.

👍 Scientific Calculator Plus

The 991 Scientific Calculator is an advanced calculator for students and engineering. Advanced calculator pro can calculate everything from basic mathematics such as pre-algebra to advanced calculus (integral, derivative, limit, integration, differentiation). It is an easy to use calculator. This scientific calculator contains all scientific calculations such as trigonometric, power, logarithmic, square root, cubic root, factorial, π calculation.

👍 Equation calculator

There is an equation solver designed for students who need to solve equations and inequalities. Just enter your equation (quadratic, cubic) then press DETAIL to see all the solutions, even the graph. Moreover, you can do the decimal calculation and the power calculation in the equation calculator. You can solve inequalities in this equation calculator.

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