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CallApp: Caller ID, Call Blocker & Call Recorder v1.962 Mod (Premium) APK

The Caller ID & Phone Call App Used By Millions to Block Spam Calls and Know the True Caller. Replace your Keypad and Directory with CallApp!

Caller ID & Blocking – Know who is calling me with the best true Caller ID, Spam Call Blocker, Phone Number Lookup and Call Recorder

CallApp features!

★ Automatic Call Recorder (ACR) –

Record calls easily! CallApp offer quality recordings! Record your calls to use on any Android. Send the recordings to Social Media through our Automatic Call Recorder!

★ Who called me? –

Free Caller ID app identifies unknown number and hidden call. Don’t forget the Call Blocker to avoid all Unknown Numbers! Know the caller and Caller ID, while blocking unwanted calls!

★ True Caller ID –

Automatically know the Caller ID in the call log! Caller App shows you the caller, see his Facebook Photo on Caller ID and know the Unknown Number. Block Unwanted Calls and Numbers.

★ Phone Number Lookup –

The best reverse phone number lookup! Dial the numbers directly from your keypad on the Caller App. Caller search is a great feature of our call truecaller app.

★ T9 Keypad & Contacts App –

CallApp is an application with a T9 dialer that allows you to call the numbers of your contacts from your address book and reverse search! Manage your calls and contact list in the call log using our free Caller ID, call blocking and call recording!

★ Blacklist –

Add spam calls, block calls and contacts from your phone book to our Blacklist in our Caller ID & Blocking App! Use the caller search to see “who is calling me” and blacklist the number.

★ CallApp + –

Identify and block unknown numbers and unwanted calls from messaging apps like: WhatsApp, Viber, SMS, etc. All features in one App.

★ Contacts –

View Caller ID, caller, name, photo, locate number, date of birth, social media, address book and phone book. Always know who is calling me with our detailed contacts app.

★ Manage your Address Book –

Automatically update your phone book thanks to our application to always know who is calling me

★ Contacts Info & Personalize –

Personalize your address book, Caller ID, caller, spam call blocker, call recorder and more with CallApp themes.

Record and Block Unwanted Calls, Blacklist of spam calls. Block Unknown Numbers using our Call Blocker

Call Recording is Easy. Choose between Automatic Call Recording (ACR) and Manual Call Recording! Record your calls in our true call recorder. Limit the number of recordings with our Call Recorder App. Share your recordings on Social Media: LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Twitter, SMS!

Our Caller App has the most numbers in all true caller ID apps! CallApp can block calls and / or blacklist spam numbers and unwanted calls. Record calls with call recorder.

CallApp true caller ID was named Top Communications Apps for its Free Caller ID & Bocage & Call Recorder!
Call recording, Call blocking, Blacklist of numbers, with our app true Caller ID, Address book management, Phone number search, Number location, Automatic recorder, Numeric keypad and always know “who has me called “with the application of CallApp!

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