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Call Recorder – Talker ACR v1.0.231 (Premium) APK

Call Recorder – Talker ACR (Premium) MOD APK is a smart call recorder that allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls and almost any VoIP conversation on your Android smartphone and/or tablet.

Unlike other apps of its kind, Call Recorder – Talker ACR MOD APK allows you to record WhatsApp calls and conversations on Viber, Skype, Hangouts, Facebook and other messengers in the highest possible quality in a few simple steps.

The UI design of Call Recorder – Talker ACR MOD APK is smooth and intuitive, with advanced features that allow it to maintain the best possible sound quality, while also providing app users with a wide range of extra features.

Call Recorder – Talker ACR MOD APK supports recording:

* incoming/outgoing calls
* WhatsApp
* Weber
* Hangouts
* Skype (including Skype Lite)
* Facebook Messenger
* Telegram
* WeChat
* Slack
* Wire
* Kakao
*IMO, wait!

notes! This application uses accessibility services.
notes! Not all Android devices support recording VoIP calls.

Features Of Call Recorder – Talker ACR (Premium) APK:

* Best sound quality
Talker Call Recorder ACR ensures the clearest sound recording on your Android device.

* Automatic call recording and manual recording
Automatically configure the recording of phone calls and VoIP conversations from the start, or manually record only selected calls by hitting the Talker “record” button during a call.

* Contact exclusion
Enjoy setting granularity and easily tag contacts whose calls you don’t want to be recorded

* In-app call playback
Re-listen to recorded conversations directly in the Talker app and mark important calls as “starred” for easier access in the future when needed.

notes! If you only hear your own voice while playing, try changing the recording source in Settings.

* In-app callback function
Call your contacts directly in Talker ACR without switching apps.

* Choose between free and premium membership
For your convenience, Talker call recorder includes free and premium features. While core app functionality is provided for free, you can unlock additional functionality whenever you need it by purchasing a Talker Premium membership (see below).

notes! Purchasing Talker Premium will not improve the quality of call recordings.

Call Recorder – Talker ACR (Premium) APK advanced features include:

* Recordings are backed up on SD card and/or cloud, for example on Google Drive, or
* Smart storage management, such as automatic deletion of old conversations, filtering of short calls from recordings, etc.
* Password lock protection
* Wider selection of audio formats
* Shake to mark option to instantly mark conversation highlights directly during the call
* Smart recording management: Play, share, rename or delete recorded conversations immediately after a call

Make sure to always notify your callers/callees of the recording and ask them to allow such actions.

Call Recorder – Talker ACR (Premium) APK requires the following app permissions:

* Overlay (runs on other apps) – Can record phone calls and VoIP conversations.
* Phone – Detect incoming and outgoing calls.
* Storage – Can save recorded conversations on your Android device.
* Contacts – Allows to filter calls from recordings and make calls directly from the app.

notes! Call Recorder – Talker ACR (Premium) APK does not collect, store or disclose your contact list to any third party.


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