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Calculatronics: EE calculators v1.18 (Paid) APK

Calculatronics: Electronic Design Calculator is an app designed for hobbyist DIY projects and students of electrical and electronics/electronics engineering and telecommunications.

— The app contains the following calculators —

• 555 Multivibrator astable timer.
• 555 Timer monostable pulse width.
• Resistor color code.
• Series resistance calculator.
• Resistors in parallel computer.
• Series Capacitor Calculator.
• Capacitors in parallel.
• Voltage divider.
• LCR impedance calculator.
• LCR resonance calculator.
• Inverting operational amplifier (Op-amp).
• Non-inverting operational amplifier (Op-amp).
• Differential operational amplifier (OP-amp).
• LED resistor value calculator.
• Zener diode voltage regulator.
• Inductance winding design calculations.
• CR passive filter calculator.
• LR passive filter calculator.
• Capacitive reactance.
• Inductive reactance.
• Analysis of BJT parameters.
• BJT Amplifier Quiescent Point Calculator.
• Delta to star transformation calculator.
• Star to delta transformation calculator.
• Current divider calculator.
• Parallel RLC.
• RLC series.
• Transformer design calculator.
• Ceramic capacitor calculator.
• Polyester film capacitor calculator.
• SMD resistor calculator.
• RF calculators
• Multi-Layer Air Core Inductor Design Calculator.
• Spiral Inductor Design Calculator.

Calculatronics is suitable for electronic troubleshooting, electronic design and electronic study

More features will be added with each update. The application contains advertisements in order to support the development of the application.
If you have any suggestions or complaints, please email us.


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