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Caelus White: linear icon pack v4.4.8 (Paid) Apk

The Caelus White Icon Pack is a set of high quality white linear/outline icons designed with attention to detail. The pack goes great with dark or amoled wallpapers, so we suggest using it with dark setups in mind, but it can also look great on some colored wallpapers. The Caelus White icon pack is created on a 24×24 px grid with a 1 px line thickness, with careful attention to the size of each icon so you don’t have to worry about size consistency or line thickness.

The Caelus White icon pack contains:
2575 icons
10 wallpapers
4 KWGT Widgets

We update our app at least twice a month, so be sure you’ll see a lot more icons in the future. If you can’t wait to see your requested icons in the next release, there is an option for a premium icon request.
We recommend setting the icon size to 80-100% in the launcher settings for best results.

Characteristics of Caelus
Icon resolution: 256 x 256 px
Alternative icons for many popular apps
Dynamic calendar icon
Hiding unthemed icons
Folder icons (must apply them manually)
Miscellaneous icons (must apply them manually)
Tap to send icon requests (Free and Premium)
High quality wallpapers
Compatible KWGT Widgets

Still thinking about buying Caelus White? Don’t worry, we offer 100% money back within the first 24 hours of purchase, just email us with your order ID. Still not sure? Check out all of our icon packs here (https://one4studio.com/icon-packs), you might find something more interesting for you.

How does icon request work? Many users request ETA for their requested icons. Well, it is: we make icons with the highest demand. We have our own software that builds a list of requested icons from all user requests. It sorts the icons based on the number of unique requests for certain apps so that the most requested apps are placed at the top of the list. So we create these icons first. Example: If 10 users requested the icon for the same application, there is a high probability that we will make this icon among the first, but if only 1 or 2 users requested the same application, do not expect to see this icon soon as we already have many requested icons. Premium request icons are added in the next update from the requested time, so if you can’t wait, this is the only solution.

Please note that a custom launcher for Android is required – e.g. Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, Niagara Launcher, Lawnchair, etc. It will not work with many default launchers that come with the phone (Google Now launcher etc). How to Apply on Samsung OneUI Launcher: https://medium.com/@one4studio/applying-custom-icon-packs-in-samsung-oneui-launcher-1d9241dee093

Supported launchers
Action Launcher | ADW Launcher | ADW ex pitcher | Apex Launcher | Go launcher | Google Now Launcher | Holo Launcher | ICS Holo Launcher | Lounge chair | LG home launcher | LineageOS Launcher | Lucid Launcher | Nova Launcher | Niagara Launcher | Pixel Launcher | Posidon launcher | Smart Launcher | Smart pro launcher | Solo launcher | Square Home Launcher | TSF launcher

How do I send an icon request? Open our app and go to Request a card. Check all the icons you want themed and send the request by pressing the send button. You will get a sharing screen with options on how to share the request and you should choose Gmail. When sending an email, DO NOT delete the generated zip file or modify the subject and text in the body of the email, if you do this your request will become unusable.

How to search or find an alternative icon: long press the icon to replace it on the home screen? Icon options? Edit? Tap the ? Select icon pack? Tap the arrow in the top right to open Charms. Swipe to access different categories or use the search bar to find another icon, tap to replace, done!


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