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bVNC Pro – Secure VNC Viewer v5.1.0 build 115110 (Paid) Apk

Need bVNC on iOS? It is now available at https://apps.apple.com/us/app/bvnc-pro/id1506461202

Thank you for supporting my work and the GPL open source software by donating! Please also rate my application and tell everyone about it!

Release Notes:


Older versions:


Report bugs:


If you have any questions, please don’t post a negative review, instead post your question on the forum for everyone to benefit:

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bVNC is a secure and open source VNC client. Its features include:
– Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD or any other operating system with a VNC server installed
– Support for master password in Pro version
– Multi-factor SSH authentication (two-factor) in the Pro version
– Multi-touch control on the remote mouse. Tap with one finger, click with the left button, tap with two fingers with the right button and with three fingers with the middle button
– Swipe right and middle if you don’t lift the first finger that typed
– Scroll with a two-finger swipe
– Pinch zoom

– Force the landscape, deactivate the immersive mode, keep the screen wake-up options in the main menu
– Dynamic resolution changes, allowing you to reconfigure your desktop when logged in and control virtual machines from BIOS to operating system
– Full rotation
– Multi-language
– Full mouse support
– Full desktop visibility even with extended soft keyboard
– SSH, AnonTLS and VeNCrypt tunnel for secure connections (does not support RealVNC encryption).
– High quality encryption superior to RDP using SSH and VeNCrypt (x509 certificates and SSL), preventing man-in-the-middle attacks
– Discovery / creation of AutoX session similar to NX client
– Tight and CopyRect encodings for fast updates
– Possibility to reduce the color depth on slow links

– Copy / paste integration

– Samsung multi-window
– public / private SSH (pubkey)
– Import of encrypted / unencrypted RSA keys in PEM format
– Zoomable, screen-fit and one-to-one scaling modes
– Two direct input modes, a simulated touchpad and one-handed input mode
– In one-handed input mode, long press for a choice of clicks, swipe, scroll and zoom modes
– Supports most VNC servers including TightVNC, UltraVNC, TigerVNC and RealVNC

– Supports Mac OS X built-in Remote Desktop Server (ARD) and Mac OS X authentication
– Does NOT support RealVNC encryption (use VNC over SSH or VeNCrypt instead)
– Additional on screen
– Right click with the Back button
– Use the D-pad for arrows, rotate the D-pad
– Support for FlexT9 and hardware keyboard
– Read only mode
– Device help to create a new connection in the menu when configuring connections
– Device help on the input modes available in the menu once connected
– Recommended with Google Play Hackers Keyboard

– Instructions for Windows:

Ordinary VNC:


Secure VNC on VeNCrypt:


Secure VNC over SSH:


– Instructions for Linux:

Plain VNC (Remote Desktop on Ubuntu):
NOTE: To use Vino (default Ubuntu VNC server), first run:
gsettings set org.gnome.Vino require-encryption false


AutoX Secure VNC over SSH:

– Instructions for Mac OS X remote desktop:

Secure VNC over SSH:



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