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Blitzer.de PLUS v3.8.5 (Paid) APK

Blitzer.de is the largest traffic community in Europe with over 4 million active users. Join and benefit from many regional reports on speed cameras, accidents, traffic jams, hazards, and construction sites.

Always run Blitzer.de while driving and it will automatically receive current reports from your surroundings on your smartphone. With Blitzer.de, driving is finally more relaxed and safe again. And you also save money.

Why choose Blitzer.de?

Offline mode
Can be used without internet connection (for example abroad)
Traffic editing
All reports were examined in writing. Warnings about fixed speed cameras from the world’s most complete database “SCDB.info”.
► Intuitive operation
No unnecessary distraction from the traffic, perfect for use in the car. All jobs are self-explanatory.
If Blitzer.de PLUS detects a Bluetooth profile in your car, the app will start automatically. In the same way, the app can optionally close again when the ignition is off.

Want more performance? Blitzer.de PLUS provides more functionality!

► Widget changeable
Just place Blitzer.de on top of other apps (like navigation)
► Landscape mode
Simply rotate your smartphone 90 degrees to get a better overview
► Traffic jam warning
It shows the duration of traffic congestion and the amount of wasted time on the highways
Stable background process
Also warnings during a call or using other applications
► Bluetooth support
Sending warnings to the car radio (via phone or audio playback)
► View the map and traffic status
Before you begin your journey, check your route, see lengthy traffic jams and know the dangers
► Multi-window support
For Samsung smartphones, place Blitzer.de PLUS next to another app
Green arrows are toggled for a more subtle smile

Overview functions

+ 4 million active users makes traffic more secure
+ There are no operating costs
+ Real-time reports from mobile speed cameras, traffic jams, accidents, construction sites, and hazards in road traffic
+ Map function to display all messages
+ Over 60,000 fixed speed cameras, red light cameras, and controls in divisions worldwide of SCDB.info with directional warnings
+ Automatic updates
+ Visual and audible alarm with vibration for motorcyclists
+ Display the speed or danger camera type, the maximum allowable speed and the distance
+ Simple reporting function
+ Online / offline mode for use abroad

System requirements

+ From Android 2.3
+ Internet access for online updates (flat rate recommended)
+ Indoor GPS

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Powered by ATUDO – Your Powerful Traffic Partner


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