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Battery Saver-Ram Cleaner, Booster, Monitoring v3.2.7 (Premium) APK

Does your phone lag behind because it’s too hot? This is because a lot of software and services are running in the background, which slows down your phone and quickly drains your battery. Battery Saver is here to fix battery issues and extend battery life, letting you use your phone trouble-free.

★Main features

🔋Expand battery usage

Battery Saver offers a selection of battery optimization modes and handles battery drain apps which can extend battery usage!
Optimization: Extend battery performance in a few simple steps.
Advanced Battery Saving: Solve and Find the Cause of Battery Problems.
Smartsaver: Various battery optimization modes to meet your daily use needs (balanced mode, sleep mode, sleep mode).
Automatic optimization: Regularly optimizes the battery, cleans junk files and cools the processor. Also provides detailed optimization reports.

🌊Clear junk files

Not enough storage? If there is too much spam taking up space on your device, you can delete it with a single tap to free up storage space on the device.

🚀Accelerating the device

Are you experiencing low frame rate or slow device operation? Battery saver helps speed up your device, free up storage space, and optimize your device’s performance.

📕Using the monitor’s battery

Does your battery drain quickly without you realizing it? Battery Saver analyzes your battery usage for foreground and background apps in real time to show your phone’s life and check your battery status.
Battery Analysis: Collect data regarding your device’s battery wear, device usage, and charge records. Also generates a specific analysis report with the solutions provided.

🌡Battery cooler

Battery Cooler function accurately detects phone temperature, disables heat producing apps to cool the battery

🔊Charge prompt tone

Set unique sound effects or music as the prompt tone when you charge or unplug your device, and when your battery is full or low. You can also use your own recording as one!

⏲Smart screen saver

Battery saver adjusts the display time of your device based on your app usage to achieve maximum battery optimization efficiency.

– Check battery condition and provide professional solutions

– Automatic optimization keeps your device in pristine condition most of the time
– Automatically manage applications that run on startup
– Optimize your battery with just a touch
– Tutorials to define battery optimization features
– Displays the percentage of remaining battery
– Customizable Smartsaver mode


★ Premium / Paid features Unlocked
★ Debug code removed
★ Original package signature changed

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