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Battery Saver – life health v7.3.1.0 (Mod) APK

◉ Premium Features Unlocked

🔋 Battery Manager MOD APK is the easiest battery manager for your device. The battery usage overview measures battery capacity (mAh) displays estimates and helps you with helpful tips for changing your charging habits to extend battery life and increase battery life. lifetime.

🏆 Designed to keep the battery in the best possible condition and allow the battery to live a healthy life.
⭐ Detect and fix all battery issues to increase battery life.

– Use charging alarm notification to extend battery life.
– Remaining charge time – Know how long it takes to charge your battery.
– Remaining usage time – know when the battery is empty.
– Detailed app usage

❤️ Battery life
Batteries have a limited lifespan. Each time you charge your device, your battery wears down a bit, reducing the overall capacity. Scientific studies have shown that battery life can be extended by up to 200% if you only charge your device to 80%.

🔔 Charging limit notification
Use charge limit notification to increase your battery life. If the battery reaches a user-defined threshold value, the battery manager will send a notification at the right time to disconnect the device from power, turn it off or charge it.

🔌 Charging Speed
Use Battery Manager to find the fastest charger and USB cable for your device. Measure the current (in mA) flowing during the charging process to find out! Know how long it will take to charge and when it will charge.

🔋 Battery information
Charging status overview and real-time health information voltage capacity battery status temperature charging and discharging current. All of this information will help you keep the battery in top condition.

🔰 One-click optimization
Optimize battery usage with one click and identify and fix battery issues. With “one-click optimization”, battery drain services such as Bluetooth WLAN brightness screen timeout location are disabled based on user settings. This can help reduce battery consumption.

🔋 Custom power saving mode
Reduce your battery consumption by creating your custom power saving profile to choose how you want to save power. Options include reducing screen brightness, disabling Bluetooth and more.

⌛ Ultra power saving mode
In an emergency, you can use ultra power saving mode to extend battery life. When enabled, battery drain services are disabled based on user settings.

🧰 Manage apps
Find out how a selected application works. The list of services permissions used and even the app signing certificate details are in your hands.

🛡️ Detailed battery diagnosis
Check your battery to always be on the safe side. When checking the battery temperature, voltage and condition are checked.

🖌️ Simple & Modern
The interface of the app is very simple and straightforward so you can get your bearings quickly.

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

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