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BaridiMob v1.29.1 b2023020311 (Mod) APK

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What is BaridiMob ?

It is a mobile application that provides you with a range of postal payment and financial services from Algeria Post. It helps to optimize your time, manage your NFC account and self-service operations, from anywhere, anytime.

How can I access Baridi Mob’s services?

✔ Subscribe to the service on https://edcarte.poste.dz/adhesion_mobile.php
✔ Launch the Baridi Mob application.
✔ Enter your mobile phone number already registered with Algérie Poste.
✔ Enter the number of your electronic payment card.
✔  Enter the expiration date of your card, then press Continue.
✔ You will receive a membership confirmation SMS.
✔ Enter the one-time code (OTP) received by SMS and press Continue.
✔ Enter a user account and a password.

Warning: The OTP code received by SMS must be entered quickly. Otherwise, you will be prompted to request another code.

By subscribing to the Baridi Mob service, you authorize Algeria Post to charge monthly subscription fees for the Baridi Mob Application *

What services does Baridi Mob offer?

🔸 Consult in real time the balance of your CCP current accounts.
🔸 Consult the statement of your last 10 transactions made via the Algerian Post electronic payment card (Mini statement)
🔸 Request an opposition or release of your electronic payment card (Blocking / Unblocking)
🔸 Make transfers from your CCP account to other CCP accounts (holders of the Edahabia card)
🔸 Geo-locate the Algerian Post Automatic Ticket Counter (ATM) park.
🔸 Geo locate postal establishments.
🔸 Receive useful information.

Coming soon: The Baridi Mob application will allow you to top up your mobile phone and pay your bills through your CCP account.

To protect your personal data, what steps do you need to take?

✔ Use the official Algeria Poste Baridi Mob application published on Google Play.
✔ Carefully read the terms of use displayed when installing the Baridi Mob application.
✔ Create a personal user account in the Baridi Mob Application.
✔ Observe the instructions for setting your password and use it strictly for personal use.
✔ Log out of your Baridi Mob application once you have finished using it.
✔ Install reliable applications and security tools on your Smartphone.
✔ Make your Smartphone personal use.

– For more information on Baridi Mob subscription fees, visit the website www.poste.dz or contact 1530

– The rates for the services offered by the Baridi Mob application are those set by Executive Decree No. 14-299 of 27 Dhou El Hidja 1435 corresponding to October 21, 2014 setting the postal rates and postal financial services under the exclusivity regime and universal postal service.

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