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Backup Apk – Extract Apk v1.4.0 (Premium) Apk

If anyone has any question How to Backup Android or How to Backup & Restore App, the main answer is my backup app: Backup Apk – Extract Apk.

Highlights of Backup Apk – Preview Apk:
◈ Extr Apk Extractor – Extract and recover apk files and export as duplicates, apk backups and restores, extract apk.
◈ Editor Editor Apk – Downgrade app versions if you don’t like updates, this is a super backup apk.
* Install Installer Apk – Receive, restore and recover apks after resetting factor or in new device, backup and restore application.
◈ Assistant Apk Assistant – Create your local playstore by backup app, backup assistant.
◈ Ref Apk List Refresher – Automatically refresh your app list when you add new app, extract apk, backup apk, reinstall app, restore apk (backup and restore app).


– Find app backup, app backup n restore in Playstore

Back up and restore the application to Local by default
🗡  Apps backup restore is easy to extract apk, apk backup, external SD card backup wizard
⚔ Batch backup and restore (without appmonster) on the phone’s internal storage by default
🗡 Backup apk is free with appmonster, it automatically backs up the app with notifications
⚔ Easiest backup and restore: apks, personal data
🗡 View, backup and restore system apps, backup and restore Android app
⚔ Extract and recover APK files (apk export)
🗡 Transfer and share backups, application backup and restore

⚔ Apk Extractor – Apk Auto List refresh snippet, backup wizard
🗡 Protect backup and restore from deletion (backup and restore application)
⚔ Extract almost all applications including system applications (application backup software).
🗡 Application restore backup cache
⚔ Automatic application backup and restore tool at any time
🗡 Set auto save list to save apks automatically
⚔ Send, share and receive backups by email or other channels.
🗡 Blazing fast wireless transfer and sharing

⚔ Automatic backup and update (backup and restore application) with notifications
🗡 Back up system applications, reinstall the application
⚔ Uninstall, installed application, apk export
🗡 Backup apk launch the installed application
⚔ Overwrite, downgrade and save old versions
🗡 Easiest backup and restore of system applications
⚔ Separate filter for downloaded and system applications
🗡 Simple backup and restore to keep multiple versions
⚔ Scan apk & files, backup wizard on your device
🗡 Apk assistant to sort apps by name, date, size
⚔ Apk Backup – Apk Extract is free, it shows total and used system storage as well as files.
🗡 Automatic application backup when installing a new application, reinstall the application

Backup Apk – Extract :

Apk is the best backup for Android – backup and restore app, backup wizard (app restore)
If you have any questions, please contact us anytime. Our e-mail address is gallaryvaultpro@gmail.com and we will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you very much!

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