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Baby Tracker. Breastfeeding Tracker. Newborn v3.24 (Gold) (Unlocked) APK

This application represents a useful and reliable assistant for breastfeeding your newborn baby. You can track breastfeeding, bottle feeding, solid food feeding, and milk collection. You can record your diaper change, sleep times, and your baby’s height and weight measurement results.

The application allows you to:

– Monitor breastfeeding for each breast or both breasts, if you decide to give both breasts during a feed
– Monitor bottle feeding
– Define solid foods and their quantity
– Set the amount of ml / oz collected from each breast if you need to collect your milk
– Define the change of diapers and note when they are wet or dirty, or both
– Always be aware of the number of diapers changed per day
– Easily start and stop breastfeeding and sleep timers
– Measure your baby’s height and weight almost every day!
– Add a reminder for each event – periodic and easy to configure

Just click on the appropriate button when you start breastfeeding or other activities. Your baby’s care history will be securely recorded in the baby diary. All of this information can be useful during visits to the pediatrician as well as for the future development of your child. This app helps you feed baby with healthy kindness and lots of love.

Email us your comments and suggestions, and we’ll put them into practice ASAP!

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