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Baby Sleep – White noise lullabies for newborns v4.1 (Unlocked) APK

Thank you for downloading and using our app: Baby Sleep! French Translation by Jérémy Del Grosso (Genetik57)

Why is my baby crying?

Is your baby fed, has a clean diaper, no colic issues, you used to play with your baby but is still crying? Your baby is probably too tired, but at the same time unable to fall asleep on his own. This situation is common for newborns and a situation where “Baby Sleep” can help you the most.

“Baby Sleep” helps your baby fall asleep using classic monotonous sounds proven to be effective by generations of parents. These sounds include washing machine, shower, hair dryer, fan, and more. These sounds are more effective than a lullaby, music or song.

The reason for this?

It is said that one of the best ways to comfort your baby is to mimic the effects of the uterus and other sounds heard in your womb. Hair dryer, shower or fan, these sounds resemble typical uterine noises, like the sound of blood brought by the veins. You can even try the sound “in the womb” which is as close as possible to the sounds your baby enjoys, including the thud of a mother’s heart and the gurgling and rumbling of her digestive system.

To use the “Baby Sleep” application, nothing could be simpler! Please put your phone at a reasonable hearing distance from your baby, choose one of the available sounds, set the timer and start playing.

We strongly recommend that you do not put your phone near the baby and activate the baby’s airplane mode so as not to interfere while using this application.

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