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Ayah: Quran App v6.0.3 (SAP) APK

Ayah APK is an integrated application of the Holy Quran, which combines the beauty of design and ease of use

Winner of the Kuwait International Holy Quran Award as the best Quranic application

It comes to you from the Interpretation Center for Quranic Studies


● The perfect application for reading the Holy Quran ●

The application of Aya is distinguished by its adoption of the King Fahd Complex for printing the Noble Qur’an in Madinah due to its reliability and proficiency.


● Manual of Interpretation of the Noble Qur’an ●

Browse the complete book on the interpretation of the Noble Qur’an as if it is in your hands

The compendium in the interpretation of the Noble Qur’an is characterized by the ease of its expression, and its relevance to all categories of readers of the Noble Qur’an, with what it contains a brief statement of the purposes of the surahs, and the deduction of the most prominent gifts of the verses, and a statement of the meanings of strange vocabulary in a distinctive color


● Quranic benefits ●

With each visit to the application, it shows you a reading or visible Quranic benefit


● Audio recitation of verses ●

With the voice of a number of distinguished reciters with full support for controlling recitation from the lock screen, the number of repetitions, and the pause timer


● Instant search in the entire Quran ●

Fast and advanced text search, which combines searching in verses and names of surahs, and even quick navigation by page numbers or parts


● Follow your stamp ●

The Quranic interval is a sign that moves with you from one verse to another to make it easier for you to follow your Quranic conclusion


● Favorites for quick access ●

Aya application enables you to add an infinite number of verses to favorites for quick access to them later


● Take notes ●

Jot down your notes and reflections during the recitation and view them all beautifully and sequentially, with automatic notes formatting as you type them.


● Share what you read ●

Share a verse or several verses via social networks, a text or an image, with or without diacritics, with a beautiful and distinctive output


● night reading ●

Dark background for more comfortable reading at night

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