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Avast One – Security & Privacy v22.6.1 Mod (Premium) APK

Avast One is a free, all-in-one service. It combines antivirus, virtual private network (VPN) and optimization tools to maintain your cybersecurity and cyberprivacy on all devices.

Secure and make all your connections private with a VPN
Protect against viruses and malware with advanced antivirus
Get notified if any of your passwords are in a data breach and quickly restore security to your accounts
Boost your device and free up space by deleting junk files and stopping background apps

Device Protection

Advanced antivirus: Automatically detect viruses and other types of malware (spyware, Trojan horses…). Scan apps, web and files for comprehensive mobile protection.
Virus removal: Get rid of viruses and malware from your phone. Benefit from the largest real-time threat detection network, made up of 435 million Avast users.
Web agent: Detect and block links infected with malware (Trojan horses, adware, spyware, etc.) to preserve the confidentiality and security of your browsing. Automatically correct typos in URLs to prevent access to fake sites.
Wi-Fi Network Scan: Check network encryption and password strength to avoid joining networks with security or privacy vulnerabilities.

Cyber ​​privacy

Bank-grade security: Secure and make all your connections private with a virtual private network (VPN).
Cyber ​​privacy: Mask your cyber activity with a VPN to prevent anyone from watching what you do.
Stream content from around the world: Watch all the shows and movies you want with your streaming service subscriptions even from other countries, thanks to our VPN and its locations in 35 countries.

Data Breach Monitoring: Look for new data breaches to see if any passwords related to the email address you use to log in to your web accounts have been leaked. Find out if the email address and password combination for any of your web accounts is compromised so you can quickly restore the security of your accounts and prevent intruders from accessing them.

Performance optimization
Junk Data Cleanup: Free up space for more photos, video and audio files by deleting unwanted files with our most efficient cleanup tool. Easily clear unnecessary data, system caches, etc.
Task Killer: Boost your device by putting apps you don’t use to sleep. Stop apps running in the background to free up memory on your device and boost it.

This app uses Accessibility permission to protect users from phishing and malicious sites.

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