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Auto-rotate Control Pro v1.3.3 Paid Apk


Our app allows you to enable or disable Android’s auto-rotate feature for individual apps.

Some apps, like YouTube, Netflix, and gallery apps, benefit from automatic rotation, while others, like browser apps, work better without this feature.

By turning Android’s auto-rotate on or off in each app, you can seamlessly switch between them and enjoy your smartphone without having to constantly change settings yourself.

This app does not require you to rotate each app in portrait or landscape mode.

@ Common mistake @

≪Questions≫ Some apps do not run even if Android’s auto-rotate feature is enabled. Isn’t this a malfunction of this application?
NsAnswer≫ This is not a malfunction. This app does not force rotation. The app does not rotate because the app’s individual rotation settings are set to be fixed.

To understand this app, you need to understand Android’s auto-rotate feature and Android apps rotation mechanism.

Each application has its own rotation settings.

Most apps are set to rotate portrait or landscape (auto rotate), but some apps are set to fixed portrait.
Few apps are set to fixed landscape, but the app developer can design it that way.

There are requirements for the app to rotate freely in portrait and landscape mode.

1. Android auto-rotate function enabled
2. The app must be configured to automatically rotate portrait and landscape in individual settings

If these two conditions are met at the same time, the app will rotate portrait and landscape.

If Android’s auto-rotate feature is disabled, the screen orientation is fixed according to the rotation setting of each app.
And If each application’s individual rotation setting is “auto rotate” or “fixed portrait”, it will be displayed as fixed portrait and will not rotate the landscape.
If each application’s individual rotation setting is “fixed landscape”, it will be displayed fixed landscape and will not rotate portrait.

And this app is an app to automatically turn on and off Android’s auto-rotate function for each app.

@ Features @

►Parameters per app
Android’s auto-rotate feature is enabled only when the app specified here is launched.

►Auto recording
If you change Android’s auto-rotate settings from the notification area or Quick Control Panel, the settings are automatically saved for each app.

►Notification settings
You can set the display and priority of notifications.

@ For OPPO users @

This app needs to run a service in the background to detect which app has started.
OPPO devices require special settings to operate app services in the background due to their unique specifications. (If you do not do this, services running in the background will be forcibly terminated, and the app will not operate properly.)
Please drag this app a little down from the recent apps history and lock it.
If you do not know how to set, please search for “OPPO task lock”.

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