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Assistant Pro for Android v24.21 (Paid) Apk

The 18 main features are present to help you manage your Android phone easily and efficiently.

Android Assistant is one of the most powerful and comprehensive management tools to improve the performance of your Android phone. It speeds up the scrolling speed of your phone and saves battery.

18 main features:

1. A general display panel (cpu, memory, battery)

Android Assistant displays real-time CPU, memory, and battery status, which allows you to track system performance.

2. A process manager

The process manager displays all running applications along with their CPU and memory usage. Applications can be stopped directly using this manager.
(Auto Boost and Quick Boost take into account different types of processes, so they won’t stop necessary system processes and “skipped” applications.)

3. A cache cleaner

Cache cleaner removes all cache files and frees up space on your phone.

4. A system cleaner

Cleans browser history, clipboard, Market history, Gmail, Google Earth, Google Map.

5. A setting panel to save the battery

Cut bluetooth, wifi, gps, auto-sync, auto-orientation, haptic feedback, and adjust brightness and sleep time to save battery.

6. A file manager

The file manager takes into account all the files on the SD card. You can browse, rename, delete, or search; but also create a new file or folder.

7. A startup manager

The Startup Manager allows you to disable unnecessary applications that launch at startup. This improves the performance of your device and prevents overconsumption of electricity.

8. An uninstaller

This allows you to efficiently and easily uninstall installed applications.

9. A battery usage monitor

It displays running processes and their battery usage. In this way, energy-intensive processes can be stopped easily.

10. A volume controller

This provides quick access to set the volumes: ringtone, notifications, media, alarm, calls, and system.

11. A phone mode controller

It allows you to quickly change the phone mode: silent, vibrate, ringtone, etc.

12. A starting time display tool

It displays the exact boot time of the system and applications.

13. A silent start tool (Menu-> Settings-> Silent start)
This mutes the sound of the system during startup and shutdown.

14. A menu of system information

Information on your entire device (firmware, equipment, sensors).


Can easy to optimization memory

16. App 2 SD (Support android2.2 and later)

Can move app to sdcard and get more free internal phone storage space

17. Batch Installation

Batch Installation makes Installation third party applications easy and simple.

18. App backup and restore


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