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AppKiller – Close All Apps v4.3 (Pro) APK

Background running apps make device slower. App Killer is a powerful app closer which lets you close apps running in the background.

AppKiller can do following things-
• Find background running apps
• Close apps
•Free up memory
• Save battery power and extend battery life
• Keep CPU cooler
•Improve performance of device

AppKiller – Close All Apps Pro Mod Apk
Apps running in the background consume system resources. AppKiller can force to quit them and free up valuable memory.

Features of AppKiller:
✓ Close all running apps
✓ Self Killing
✓Killing History
✓ Supports user apps
✓ White List (Select apps for avoid killing)
✓Supports system apps (Purchase Required)
✓ Notification, Widget(Purchase Required)

Self Closer
This app closer can kill itself so that you can close all apps including AppKiller.

Task killer
AppKiller is an advanced task killer that kill apps from background automatically.

Ram Cleaner
App Killer can Close apps to frees up memory which make device faster.

Battery Saver
This app closer can force quit apps which saves battery power and extends battery life.

CPU cooler
App Killer can force stop apps and kill processes which reduces CPU usage and makes CPU cooler.

Speed Booster
Closing apps frees up memory which speed up performance.

Task Manager
App Killer also work as a task manager. You can view your launched task and kill them.

Privacy Safety
App Killer does not collect any personal or personally identifiable information.

Helper for physically disabled user
This app works as an automated assistant and helper for users with physical disabilities and muscle fatigue who struggle to interact doing repetitive complicated work such as force stop many apps one by one.


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