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Antenna Map Satellite director v4.7 (Premium) APK

🛰Satellite finder and dish pointer is the best tuning platform for all your satellite directors. So you will use this satellite pointer for all types of channels. Dish Alignment Helps align satellite dish antennas using augmented reality.
ap manager is very easy to use. GPS satellite finder is designed with the accurate way to track all satellites and set up dish with satellite director and antenna map finder. Satellite Finder Premium (Sat finder) app is the Premium version of our Satellite Finder PRO (Dish Pointer) app with these extra

📡 Helps you install the dish anywhere.
📡 Help aligning satellite dishes using augmented reality.
📡No disruption from ads etc.
📡 This Premium version of Satellite Finder also includes
📡 Built-in compass that will help you find the right satellite position.
📡augmented reality to show position of satellites on camera view.
📡 Determines local position automatically using GPS.
📡 Calculates all the values ​​needed to align the satellite dish.
📡Azimuth adjustment helps you point your dish with minimal hassle.
This satellite finder app helps you to align your satellite dish based on your location and selected satellite and one of the best versions of satellite finder app to show you the horizontal and vertical direction you are going to align your satellite dish.

⚡Latest Amazing Features:
There are three additional useful and amazing features:
📌Live Earth Map: This live earth map has the four earth views like normal view, hybrid view, satellite view and terrain view to give you a better understanding of the places. It also indicated the traffic flow.
Point your phone’s camera to watch all available satellites for your location in real time. Just press the (AR Display) button on the home window.
📌Biss Key Finder: This feature allows quick search of biss keys of encrypted satellite channels. The keys are updated automatically.
✨How to use this app: 1. All you need to do is make sure your phone’s internet connection and GPS are on. If you want the best location accuracy, you need to be outdoors or at least close to a window.2. Select the desired satellite by clicking on the Satellite Finder button, then on the satellite name and click on the search bar at the end. A list of satellites will appear to select the one you want.

You will get the azimuth of your selected satellite with calculated latitude and longitude for your location. 3. Below the calculated values ​​there is a compass with a graphical representation of the azimuth angle. The azimuth angle is calculated with the magnetic tilt. Remember – every time you use the compass – you have to calibrate it.
🌠Note: Satellite Finder Premium (Sat finder) app uses your phone sensor to get your azimuth, so satellite position calculation depends on the accuracy of your mobile sensors


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