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Altimeter v4.7.07 (Premium) APK

Altimeter is a smart tracking device, used to measure altitude. It is the perfect app for those who enjoy hiking, skiing, mountain biking and other outdoor activities. Each time and with great precision, you can check the elevation, elevation or location coordinates. It works both online and offline.

This altimeter app, to measure altitude uses:

– GPS triangulation satellites – works without internet connection,
– Barometric pressure sensor (if available in your device) – high precision data; if internet connection is available, it calibrates to improve accuracy,
– Online network location services (wifi and others) – Internet connection required.

You can use each sensor separately or all together.

Altitude Meter App includes the following features:

– Accurate altitude measurement – indication in meters or feet
– Record of less (low), highest (max) altitude
– Smart mini compass
– Full GPS coordinates – latitude and longitude
– The name of the current location and state
– The results of the measurements are presented in the table
– Ability to stop and save measurement results at any time
– Inverted background color (black and white)
– Social summit top altitude images – share photo with altitude to your friends, or export them to save space.

All features are free. You can remove all ads from the app by buying “no ads”.

Enjoy this altimeter app!

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