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Alarm Clock Xtreme & Timer v7.8.0 (Mod) APK

◉ Premium Features Unlocked

Wake up gently to your favorite music and avoid unintentionally deactivating the alarm clock with the Free Xtreme Alarm Clock! Our smart alarm clock includes features designed to help you get up, without the alarm ringing ringing over and over again. It is also equipped with a built-in timer and stopwatch.

Join over 50 million people who have already installed this app!

Download the revised and corrected Free Xtreme Alarm Clock (with timer and stopwatch) NOW

Alarm Clock Xtreme will make you forget your classic alarm clock. It’s highly customizable, letting you wake up the way that’s most convenient for you.
+ Set your morning alarm so that its volume gradually increases and wakes you up gently
+ Use the extra large snooze button which prevents you from unintentionally pressing the mute button
+ Wake up your brain by solving math problems to snooze or turn off the alarm
+ Reduce the repeat interval and set a maximum number of repetitions
+ Easily turn off your alarm if you wake up before it goes off.
+ Use the Quick Alarm feature to quickly set a non-recurring alarm.


Alarm: customize your alarm so you never sleep too long! Our alarm clock has the following deactivation options: touch button, volume buttons, power button or phone shake.
Quick alarm: Set a non-recurring alarm in an instant.
Alarm imminent notification: Easily turn off your alarm if you wake up before it goes off.
Timer: enter the desired duration and start the timer. You can set as many timers as you want for activities like exercise, cooking, etc.
Stopwatch: Use our simple and reliable stopwatch to keep track of split times or lap times and total duration with accuracy up to 1/100 of a second.
My Day: View the most important information you need when you wake up, such as the weather forecast and upcoming events synced from your calendar.
Reminders: Never forget an important task or event again with our brand new feature!


Ringtone: default ringtones for your device.
Music on device: Any song downloaded to your device can be used as a wake-up alarm.
Online Radio: Choose from many popular online radio stations, or add your own if your favorite station is not listed.


Choose one of the puzzles available in Alarm Clock Xtreme!
The puzzle is displayed only when you press the deactivation button.


Maths: Solve math problems. You can choose the level of difficulty: Very easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, Very difficult. If solving a problem is not enough for you, increase the number of problems from 1 to 5. Set the problem solving timer between 5 and 90 seconds for more challenge.
Password: To deactivate the alarm, you must enter the password displayed on the screen. Choose a password containing between 2 and 10 characters.
QR Code / Barcode: Scan a QR code to add it to your library. Print the QR code and place it away from your bed. When your alarm goes off, you need to scan the QR code to turn off the alarm. This feature is only available with the PRO version of the app.

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