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Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers v5.3.1 Mod (Premium) APK

AMdroid Smart Alarm Clock is a free alarm clock for heavy sleepers with multiple alarms, timer and math problems for Android. It’s a smart, customizable and free app that wakes you up slowly and naturally in a gentle way, even if you’re a deep sleeper, making your morning better. No more sleep, you’re sleepy! This loud alarm clock app is designed for heavy sleepers!

• Alarm clock for deep sleep with timer
Recurring alerts – daily or weekly repetition, periods, expiration, etc.
Unique alarms – set any date
Countdown Alarms – Set a gentle alarm to wake you up from a big nap
We’ve created the best wake-up alarm, so deep and heavy sleepers can wake up gradually

• Each alert has its own settings
Wake up with a cute smart alarm and start your day with music and real-time weather information
Use challenges (math problems, wifi, captcha, NFC, barcode/QR code, light) to prevent oversleeping – great alarm sound for heavy sleepers
Use this free smart alarm clock with music and timer as a night clock
Restrict wake-up alerts to locations
Sync and integrate your calendar into a custom AMdroid alarm clock
Easy to use with many features to edit your alerts
Set multiple alerts – even to wake you from deep sleep

• Allows you to sleep while on vacation
Have you ever woken up from a restful sleep on a holiday because a loud alarm clock with music wasn’t turned off? AMdroid alarm clock knows your country’s public holidays. Alarms will not go off on these days (optional). Sleep better with this sleep tracking app.

• Android Wear built-in
Snooze or mute alerts right from your wrist. Set the next alarm or add new unique alerts using voice commands.

• No more sleeping with this personalized alarm clock with music
Can’t get up? Set up shutdown challenges (puzzles) and math tasks to wake up on time. Use wake up confirmation after posting to make sure you’re awake and avoid oversleeping. The perfect loud alarm clock for heavy sleepers, all you need to do is solve math problems!

• Wake up during light sleep
Your sleep is heavy? Set a gentle pre-alarm that will go off and wake you up naturally. This can be scheduled automatically based on your sleeping habits. Turn down the volume and turn off the vibration for this gentle alarm clock, so it will only wake up slowly if you’re a light sleeper for a better start to the morning. Wake up easily! The power of our smart alarm clock with music.

• sleep tracking
To avoid falling asleep, you need to sleep on time. AMdroid wake up alert will tell you with a bedtime notification if it’s time to go to sleep to wake up refreshed and have a better morning routine. When sleep tracking is enabled, a sleep cycle calculation can be initiated to easily track sleep and wake patterns. Along with statistics, you can also use a custom alarm clock as a sleep tracker app to track how much time you spend sleeping.

• Places
Keep your alarm awake by knowing the location of the music, so your alarms only go off in certain areas. Are you going on a business trip or are you sleeping elsewhere tonight? Your morning routine will likely change, so AMdroid will automatically disable your normal alarm profile.

• statistics
Have you ever wondered how much time you spend dozing off? This Material Design alarm clock will show you statistics that you can analyze and use to adjust your alarm settings.

• Heavy nap or afternoon nap
Feel sleepy? If you’re sleepy, use the countdown alert feature as a timer for your nap. Set the timer for your own sleep and the alarm will go off if the time is up and you won’t oversleep. Waking up naturally feels good. Best free cute alarm clock and sleep tracker app.

Let’s fight deep sleep and build the best smart alarm clock app. Submit your ideas or report issues to feedback@amdroidapp.com

If your device supports battery saving function, please whitelist AMdroid Smart Alarm Clock, as it may cause problems with alarm apps.
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