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Al Quran Kareem text book & audio quran offline v5.6 (Pro) APK

Al Quran is an offline application of the Holy Quran. Install Quran Sharif quickly because we offer you a completely free Quran Majeed app. This Quran with translation in English and other languages ​​has many full features of Quran pak. Now read Quran pak like read Arabic Quran because this Quranic app is 100% real. Some people read the 16 lines Quran and 13 lines of the Quran. Our Quran Android app is a best Quran app. Now do tilawat Al Quran with translator app. Read Quran with this Al Quran Kareem app day and night.

Al Quran Kareem text book and audio Quran offline features:

• Listen to Quran: Quran Sharif App lets you listen to Quran Pak or Quran Majeed for free. Listen to Ahmed Ali Ajmi Saudi Qari tilawat for free in Quran 2020 app. Albanian language of Quran and Azerbaijani language of Quran are available for free.

• Read Quran: In Holy Quran App, you can read Quran for free. Listen to Maher Moeqali, tilawat of Saudi Qari for free in the Quran offline app. Bosnian Quranic language and Bulgarian Quranic language available free of charge.

• Bookmarks: With digital Quran gives you guided features like bookmark when you read Quran Pak. Listen to Mohammad Ayoub Saoudien Qari tilawat for free in the Quran offline app. Chinese and Czech language of the Koran available for free.

• Resume Sura: Quran app allows you to pause Quran sura where you left off and resume Quran sura where you left off last time. Listen to Saad Al Ghamdi and other Saudi Qari tilawat for free in the Quran offline app.

• Resume Juzz: This Qoran app allows you to start quean juzz right where you left Koran juzz last time. Listen to Sheikh Sudais Saudi Qari tilawat for free in the Quran offline app. Finnish language of the Koran and French language of the Koran available free of charge.

• Quran Information: In Holy Quran, we give you complete information about Quran Kareem. All the indo pak information from the Quran is added. Listen to Waheed Qasmi Saudi Qari tilawat for free.

• Tajweed: Now do tilawat Quran with tafsir. Translation from Hindi Quran language and Italian language available for free.

• Sajood: It is free android app of Holy Quran in this holy Quran, all functionality of Islamic apps are added like sajood and tajweed Quran. Indonesian Quran language and Japanese language available for free.

• Stop Sign: This also contains information about stop signs in the Quran Mp3 app.

• Remove ads: in Quran one, if you want to remove ads and upgrade to the pro version for a minimum amount. And read the Quran with the free version of ads.

• Beautiful User Interface: This Al Quran Kareem design looks like a real Quran shareef book.

How to Use Al Quran Kareem Text Book and Audio Quran Offline:

1. Install the Muslim Quran in the English application.
2. To listen to the Quran, press the Read Quran or Liten Quran button. Start using the free Quran mp3 free feature.
3. To read holy Quran with Urdu tarjuma, just tap the free holy Quran app and start reading Holy Quran.
4. Book Marks feature is added in tarjuma urdu full Quran app. Now use the bookmarks feature with full pages in the whole Quran book.
5. Resume surah and resume juzz function is added in this Quran app.

What’s New in Al Quran Kareem Offline Text Book & Audio Quran:

I. In this whole Quran, we have added all the suras with the translation list separately. Like Surah Yaseen, Surah Fatah and many quotes from the Quran.
II. Now in Al Quran app also listen to Quran app online and offline. Listen to Surah Yasin and Quran Sharif Tilawah.
III. Listen to Quran ki tilawat & tilawat e Quran through the famous free Qari.
IV. The translation of the Quran in Bangla is added in the tilawat Quran pak.




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