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3D Modeling App – Sculpt & Draw v1.15.7 (Premium) APK

This 3d modeling app makes it easy to create 3d content like 3d house, 3d poses, 3d art games, 3d rhinos, etc. No need for a stylus thanks to the 3d pencil or 3d pen. Whether you are a drawn design and logo creator, animator, fps game creator, 3d design creator (3d designer), 3d creator, 3d character creator or designate, this pro 3d drawing app will meet your expectations. Also use it as a sketching app or to learn how to draw in 3d. Modeling, graphics, 3d drawing, 3d sculpting, technical and 3d drawing and 3d modeling have never been easier than with the 3D Modeling App.

1. Work fast: use this pro sketching app to designate, craft, render, illustrate, draw for free (like with free Sketchup or Unreal Engine 4), sculpt, create a design, find out how to draw 3d, make a sketch or create a 3d animation, pose 3d or builder 3d game and make them outstanding.
2. Many possibilities: 3D Modeling App puts at your disposal the tools of the biggest drawing applications like Poser 3d or free Sketchup (including 3d pencil and 3d character creator) to create an application, graphics, games. 3d art (as with Unreal Engine 4), a 3d house, a 3d model, a 3d pose, a 3d sculpture, a 3d render, a pro drawing, a 3d drawing, a 3d animation or a model.
3. Vertices / edges tools: merge, connect, create face with vertices. Draw cut, cut and select loops, extrude, delete, create face per border edge.
4. Face Tools: Extrude, Precise Draw, Detach, Clone, Reverse, Delete.
5. Object Tools: Combine / Separate, Clone, Mirror, Smooth, Split, Use Soft / Hard Normals.
6. Sculpting Tools: Move, Create Screen, Push, Pull, Smooth.
7. Display tools:
– Adjustable grid.
– Geometric information.
– Wireframe on shadows enabled / disabled.
– Shadows and axis enabled / disabled.
8. Coloring: painting the color of the tops.
9. 20 materials available for your items.

10. Additional tools:
– Set precise values ​​for Displacement, Rotation and Scale.
– View, enlarge the selection and convert it.
– Move the elements without hanging the grid.
– Snap: various functionalities (local space, orthographic camera click, etc.)
– 3d character creator (poseur, 3d shape, 3d pose etc.).
– 3d house design (3d editor, 3d pencil, 3d blocks, etc.).
– 3d sculpture (3d creation, 3d painter).
– 3d animation (3d design, 3d editing, 3d studio, 3d cgi).
11. Export and import .obj files:
– Can be imported into 3D modeling software and applications: 3ds Max \ Maya 3d \ Blender \ Zbrush 3d \ Modo \ Adobe Photoshop \ Adobe Illustrator \ MeshMixer \ Concepts \ Netfabb \ Forger
– Possibility to import into CAD software: Autodesk AutoCAD \ SolidWorks \ Tinkercad \ NX \ Catia \ Solid Edge \ Autodesk Fusion 360 \ Rhino \ Onshape \ Trimble Sketchup \ Maxon Cinema 4D (C4D) \ Autodesk Alias
– Possibility of conversion to the following file formats using third-party converters: IGS \ IGES \ STP \ STEP \ JT \ SAT \ X_T \ X_B \ BREP \ WRL \ X3D \ 3DM STL \ DAE \ DXF \ GLTF \ FBX \ IFC \ 3DS for later import to Shapr3d (Shapr) or uMake.
12. Video tutorial to make it special and easy to designate with each tool for models, animators, sculptors, professional technical drawings / 3d drawings / pro drawings or fans of Unreal Engine 4, free Sketchup, Unity 3d, Inkscape or Adobe Spark.
Note: Screenshots and other graphics may be from the latest version of 3D Modeling App, which is not yet available in your country.

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