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1C Big Keyboard v1.96 (Ad-Free) APK

I am 58 years old and my vision is not perfect. I have the fingers on my hands – not the matches, so I designed this keyboard for myself. If you are under 35 and have no vision problems, do not install this keyboard. You will need it later. But maybe today he will be a truс for your parents.

Eugene Sotnikov, 1C Wearable

This ergonomic keyboard for Android allows you to use 100% of your phone’s screen for large keys which makes it essential on small screens or for big fingers (100% it is not an advertisement: it is literally 100%). Swipe up to switch to 100% view mode.
This large keyboard preserves your vision and reduces eye strain.
Big keys are easier to hit: you make fewer mistakes.
The layout of this large keyboard for Android is easy to learn – it is an AZERTY keyboard compressed into an extra large keyboard in a smart way which makes it ideal for large hands.


French keyboard

english keyboard
deutsch tastatur (german keyboard)
teclado español (Spanish keyboard)
tastiera Italiana (Italian keyboard)
русская клавиатура (Russian keyboard)
казақ пернетақта (Kazakh keyboard)
dansk tastatur (Danish keyboard)
svenska tangentbord (Swedish keyboard)
teclado português (Portuguese keyboard)
한국어 키보드 (Korean keyboard)
Česká klávesnice (Czech keyboard)
polski klawiatury (Polish keyboard)
türkçe klavye (Turkish keyboard)
українська клавіатура (Ukrainian keyboard)
беларуская клавіятура (Belarusian keyboard)
башҡорт клавиатура (Bashkir keyboard)
татар клавиатура (Tatar keyboard)

lietuvos klaviatūra (Lithuanian keyboard)
latvijas tastatūra (Latvian keyboard)
eesti klaviatuuri (Estonian keyboard)
azərbaycan klaviatura (Azerbaijan keyboard)
türkmen klawiatura (Turkmen keyboard)
клавиатураи тоҷикӣ (Tajik keyboard)
tastatură română (Romanian keyboard)
ქართული კლავიატურა (Georgian keyboard)
հայերեն ստեղնաշար (Armenian keyboard)
Кыргыз клавиатура (Kyrgyz keyboard)
מקלדת עברית (Hebrew keyboard)
لوحة المفاتيح العربية (Arabic keyboard)
हिंदी कीबोर्ड (Hindi keyboard)
गुजराती कीबोर्ड (Gujarati keyboard)
日本語 (平 仮 名) (Japanese keyboard)
日本語 の キ ー ボ ー ド
日本 漢字 (On’yomi)
日本 漢字 (Kun’yomi)
中文 (繁體) 倉 頡 (Chinese keyboard)
中文 (简体) 倉 頡 ”
e 中文 (繁體) 拼音
中文 (简体) 拼音


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